Gunners Gaming Glasses Review: A Quick Look

About Gunners Gaming Glasses:  Keeping in view the significance of eyewear that can bring much desired respite to the tired and worn out eyes, Gunnars have designed gaming glasses that increase the comfort, focus and reduce eye fatigue. Indeed, these glasses are indispensable for those who remain glued to the digital screens. This eyewear is powered by i-AMP lens technology. It comprises of a proprietary lens material in the most advanced geometry that is basically tuned for intermediate viewing distance.

Frames and Accessories: Frames of these famous gaming glasses are made up of a diversified materials and they feature a large variety of colors and designs. The premium Rx lenses of Gunnar eyewear range from $319-$369. Metal frames of these glasses are sturdy and have a slim design. These glasses are light in weight and normally weighs only half an ounce. The frames are equipped with latent spring hinges and nose pads which can be adjusted for a better fit over your nose.

Hard-shell Leather Case These useful pairs of glasses come with a sturdy leather carrying case which holds them securely and prevent them from the danger of squeezing. A microfiber pouch is also available with these glasses which serves the dual purpose of holding and wiping the lenses.

Prescription Lenses:  The premium Rx prescription of Gunnar is engineered for precision. On the other hand Gunnar Rx lenses are ground with analog technology. Gunnar was unclear about the different between these two grinding technologies and it is difficult to evaluate whether the Premium Rx lenses are strictly sharper and more accurate than the Standard Rx lenses. However, to add value to the Premium Rx lenses, Gunnar has added Pure Coat anti-reflective coating. Also, the Premium Rx lenses seem to reflex relatively more light.

Consistently Curved:  These glasses are tinted yellow amber. They are consistently curved for reducing the airflow in front of your eyes and keep your eyes humid for a long time. You are likely to blink your eyes more when you are before digital screens. These are not sufficiently tinted to be used as sunglasses. But the tint reduces the glare. They are amazingly well-crafted and functional. Objects more than six-feet away can be seen sharply wearing these glasses.

Pros:  These glasses have a solid build quality and the tint used is very helpful in reducing eye fatigue and strain. These gaming glasses are perfectly compatible with some prescription plans. Anti-reflective coating.

Cons: These are pricey and hence not easily affordable to everyone.

Bottom Line:  Gunnar’s is a high-end prescription glasses and are must have piece of eyewear for all those who remain glued to the digital screen for a long time. These glasses combine an excellent build quality and the tint reduces glare to a large extent. They are anti-reflective and designed with the purpose of providing a complete comfort to your eyes. These gaming glasses reduce strain on your eyes. They come with a sturdy leather case which hold it securely. They are light in weight and are available in slim designs. You can find the pro review for the best gaming glasses-


Best Gaming Earbuds in Market

Gaming cannot be made enjoyable with proper accessories that are meant exclusively for that. It is possible for the passionate gamers to find all the accessories exclusively made for gaming so that they can be more successful with the games. Gaming accessories also provide the gamers with good amount of comfort that even hours of gaming will not make them feel tired or create pain to various parts of the body. Here come the best gaming headsets that can be chosen by the passionate gamers so that they can enhance the gaming experience in better manner.

Top earbuds for game and music with mic in 2016 – Razer Hammerhead Pro Game Earbuds

These are gaming headsets that are available with mic. These are made with materials that are highly durable. This is the earbud that is much suitable for those gamers who are so excited about playing the game on PC or tablet. These gaming earbuds can be easily portable due to the lightweight but they lack many of the basic features which include free of tangible cable, inline control for volume etc. The sound that you get from these headsets is customized for the gaming. These earbuds are bit expensive and are designed exclusively for gamers. These headsets can provide with better bass of the sound. They can produce good sound and also look great. The housing of the earbud is made out of aluminum which provides solidity to this gaming earbuds. They are really too good to be considered by the gamers. They do lack some of the basic features and may not be able to pickup sound so perfectly.

Sennheiser PC300 Gaming Headsets

These are the accessories that are also associated with a mic. They are popular in the market due to the clarity of voice offered by it. These earbuds are associated with many of the handy features that include volume control. This is the accessory that has got the latest technology implemented in it. It can produce good amount of bass and can also provide the gamer with the experience of home theater with the games. Voices like footsteps and such things can be made much enhanced with the help of this accessory. They can provide with average sound quality when they are considered for listening to music. They can pickup each world well and it is a great one to consider for all those online games where you play with a team. This is a great headset that can be used for following the instruction in better manner.These headsets cannot be considered by music lovers as they are not the best for music. They are but capable of providing good experience for gamers.

SteelSeries FluxGaming Earbuds

These are the best headsets that can be considered for gaming. These are headsets that are much comfortable to be used and can be used for hours without nay issues as they are light weight. They can be used in many different ways. The voice pickup pattern that is associated with it is omnidirectional and can be from Mic.